CCTV Archive


A curated archive of CCTV camera photos, taken while walking around University of Greenwich, paired with various articles and websites on the subject of new surveillance technologies. Visit the piece

As technology advances, there is less and less room for privacy. Data is created, collected and shared at a pace that is no longer under any individual's control. This includes personal information - people's likes, dislikes, beliefs, actions, mistakes, messages, conversations, photos, videos - everything that can be recorded and put on a computer. We invite these technologies into our lives because we have become dependent on them. They allow us to communicate, create and share ideas, and, to be fair, who cares if someone knows about your shopping habits? Its not like you have anything to hide, right?

The problem appears to be superficial, until you realize the extent to which surveillance technologies are being developed around the world. Deividas Svenčionis and I have curated an archive of some news articles, videos and live camera feed sites to shed light on some of the scary, dystopian technologies governments are implementing. This includes: CCTV live facial recognition, numberplate tracking, social credit score and facial scans when registering for a sim card in China...